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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Calm down at Barashi-Tei

Date of visit: 24.8.2017

Finally blogged again!
(Dusting virtual cobwebs >.<  I am so sorry!)

Some of you readers may know what had happened from my boring Dayre.  Things over here are getting better though still challenging.  While family's support keeps me from collapsing, good food keeps me going!  Nowadays, a meal can be a mini "escape" from reality to me.   Other than my "seasoned" smelly bed, I find comfort and a bit of rest over a dining table ....... Barashi-Tei's table is one of them.

We sat and ate following dishes:
Moriawase (sashimi 12pcs) S$28.00

Tamagoyaki S$5.00
These handmade tamago are so good that we had to ta bao some home.  I never eat those perfect looking machine made tamago ever again.  It's a MUST ORDER in Barashi-Tei.

Softshell Crab S$12.80
Nice simple dish, fresh with no fishy taste, crispy with no excess oil.

Unagi Don S$18.80
Tender unagi coated with sweet sauce grilled to perfection.  And their heavenly Tamago.... 

Unagi Salmon Mentai Maki (Eel, salmon, egg, cucumber) S$14.80
Maki (rice rolls) here taste as good and they looks.  Slightly torched Salmon Mentai was creamy and flavorful while the little balls of roes creating fun sensation in the mouth when they burst.  Cucumber is not the main but the crunchiness compliments the texture of all the other ingredients.

Spicy Salmon Maki (Crispy Tempura Prawn, Broiled Salmon) S$14.80
Having both salmon and prawns in a bite is sheer pleasure.  The special spicy sauce isn't too fierce but lingers, it's delicious!

Ika Kabayaki (Grilled squid) S$16.80
Love this, Barashi-Tei is doing everything right on the grill.  I hope they can ship in and do grill octopus.

Foie Gras Sushi S$15.80/2pcs
Dear Foie Gras Sushi, I am so sorry that I screw up on the photo which is not doing you justice >.<  To atone, I hereby disclose the
Best Way To Eat Foie Gras Sushi:
1.  Make sure there's no other food in your mouth (cos' you need a lot of space);
2.  Pick the sushi up with chopstick, but if you are not steady with this cutlery, use hand (just don't drop it);
3.  Put the WHOLE sushi into your mouth (no worries about your mouth being too small, the sushi is free size, sure can go in de..)
4.  Now let the foie gras burst, allowing it's buttery juice to cover every fluffy rice grain (imagine your mouth as a washing machine, mix mix mix...)
5.  Swallow bit by bit, enjoy your time in heaven!

Chawanmushi S$4.80
Here's a all time favorite, it's a Jap side dish but I some how love it as a dessert.

Ikura Chawanmushi (Chawanmushi with Salmon Roe) S$6.80
Here's a slightly atas version with salmon roe with balls of sweetness from the sea.

Ishikari Nabe Set (Salmon Head hotpot) S$18.80
Value for money!  This unassuming looking soup in claypot is the most comforting to my flu + cough + fever at that time.  Salmon head is surprising sweet.  Love or hate it's skin, it's thick and succulent to me, with lots of collagen, they slipped in guilt-free.  A pot of soup is always welcome on a table, especially when it's taste so home cook.

Barashi-Tei never disappoints but tables are limited, booking is advisable before heading down.  Simply follow the 3 steps below:
2) At the top right hand corner, click BOOK NOW.
3) Fill in the particulars and you are done!

266 Middle Road
Elias Building
Singapore 188991
Tel: 188991
Tel: 8421 5228
Opening Hours:

Mon - Sun 10am to 3pm 
Mon - Sat 6pm to 2am
Sun - 6pm to 10pm

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Messages behind the flowers

Flowers are one of the most beautiful thing created by nature.  A bouquet never fails to bloom a woman's heart.  Not only a bouquet must be beautiful, it also should be able to convey messages on behalf of the sender.

Here are the meanings and symbolizes of some popular flowers:
30th wedding anniversary flower.  Symbolize purity and beauty.  White lily is also a symbol of chastity and virtue.

Photo credit: A Better Florist
The Keira Bouquet, with lilies and roses wrapped with rustic burlap.

It's believed to be named after the son of Greek God Poseidon, Proteus.  It symbolizes transformation, courage and resourcefulness.

Photo credit: A Better Florist
The Emilia is a luxurious huge bouquet that comes with protea, roses, calla lilies and matthiola.

Red rose signifies admiration, devotion, respect and desire.
White rose is a symbol of innocence and purity.
Yellow rose stands for friendship.
Pink rose shows joy and gratitude of the giver.

Photo credit: A Better Florist
The Julianne Bouquet is a romantic bunch with red and champagne roses.

My favorite flower which stands for warmth and longevity.  Also express adoration and dedication to someone.
Photo Credit: A Better Florist
The Ayla Bouquet is a bundle of sunshine.
Yellow tulip means cheerfulness.
Purple represents royalty.
White symbolize forgiveness.
Photo credit: A Better Florist
The Allison, is an elegant and graceful bouquet with multi hued tulips and white meadows.
It represents innocence and purity, also expressing/declaring loyal love and new beginnings.
Photo credit: A Better Florist
The Spring Breeze Bouquet comes in rustic mason jar, beautifully packed with daisies and roses.

Myself, I told him not to get me flowers, cos' it's more practical to spend on food or any thing in the household.  But every time when my young friends gotten their bunch, be it big or small, I would envy secretly (now no more secret).  So, for a long long time I never have a bouquet.  For heaven's sake, women says "No" becos' they don't want their men to go through hassles or spend money.  Men happily took the "No" from granted and forget about it for the rest of their lives, urrrgg......
I want a bouquet.

ps. The above content is extracted from A Better Florist Blog.

Friday, 16 June 2017


Was invited to the premiere of  SPARKS, Episode 7, by DBS held at Marina Bay Financial Centre.
SPARKS is an industry-first mini-series that follows a group of young bankers at work, how they thrived above and beyond when solving unusual client challenges.  Through SPARKS, DBS hopes to convey that the Bank is not only about transactions.  Financial management with the help of bankers are important.  At times of crisis, it could be very crucial.

Personally, I have a few plans with DBS which more or less prepares myself for a stress-free retirement.

Back to SPARKS Episode 7.  It's highly anticipated with 2 additions to the cast - Heart throb Nathan Hartono (向洋) and beautiful Jaime Teo.
Photo credit: DBS

I couldn't believe I was seeing our Milo Boy in person!
Photo credit: DBS
Jamie Teo holding my phone!!!  She was cheerful, literally smiling, giggling and laughing non-stop.

He is exactly what he is on screen; smiles and laugh a lot, unpretentious, absolutely no airs, EXTREMELY CHARMING AND CUTE!!  
I was having such a hard time controlling myself, not to scream, not to grab him, not to "misbehave", stay compose and act cool (else I may be ban from attending events by the PR lolxx...).

Ms Karen Ngui (Managing Director & Head of Group Strategic Marketing & Communications, DBS Bank), Nathan and Jaime shared with us on the making of this mini-series.
Photo credit: DBS
The outline of the story was about how Chester (Adrian Pang) meets his first clients.  Chester stood by the young couple through their growth and successes of their small bus company and also setbacks.  Nathan's role as young Chester, a new banker was refreshing, while Jaime's role as the wife of  the young couple, was a tear bomb with many heart-wrenching crying scenes.   It must had been very challenging as it's totally different from her bubbly self in real life.

SPARKS Episode 7 is online on 16 June 2017.  Please enjoy (tissues may be needed).

If you had missed Episode 1 - 6, I had put them all into this post, just scroll down and click in to watch:

SPARKS mini-series is bought to you by DBS.
Photo credit: DBS

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

6 Days in Macao and Hong Kong - Day 6

This post is a continuation from HERE.


Destination:  2 days Macao and 4 days Hong Kong

Duration: 14 - 19 Dec 2016 (6 days)

Companion: Family trip with hubby and 2 teen boys

Mode of travel: Free and Easy, air tickets and accommodation in Macao booked with Chan Brothers Travel

Accommodation:  Macao - The Venetian Macao Resort, HongKong - Airbnb

Flight: United Airlines

Ferry: TurboJet

Damage: S$2571 + $617 (Airbnb) for 4 pax

Currency: SGD1.00 = HKD5.41 (same exchange rate for HKD and MOP, so HKD can be used in Macao)

Time Difference:  Same as Singapore

Weather: 13 ~ 20 in Macao, around 24 degree in Hong Kong



This day we covered:
* One Dim Sum
* Yau Ma Tei 油麻地
* Four Season Claypot Rice

As I had mentioned in the first post, we lived above One Dim Sum 一点心.  Logically, it's super convenient, but what happened was really stupid.
Since my hubby normally wakes up much earlier than me, I 千交代万交代 him the night before to check out the queue.  Queue for us and call us when it's our turn, or reserve a table if possible, do whatever he can to get us a table for brunch.  At 9am, he came back reporting to me that there's no queue, no problem.  So I happily packed up the luggage, while he shake his leg.  Checked out around 10am.

The whole family went down and there was a queue of about 20pax.


We queued like a bunch of stupid fools for about half an hour just to realise that it's not a queue, it's just a row of people sitting down waiting with queue numbers they had collected.  He could had gotten a queue number for us but he didn't.  He said he didn't know.  All I wanted to do was to twist his head off his neck!

I sat there, not able to say a word, cos I knew if I opened my mouth, I'd scream instead of talk.  He could had gotten a queue number, we could all wait at home in comfort then go down when it's near our turn right??!!

To cool myself down, I inhale exhale, inhale exhale, counting my breaths as if I was giving birth.

All thanks to him, we stayed above but queue for an hour which we need not.  Not funny.... Haiz..... Rant end, enjoy the food pics below.
We finally sat in after an hour.

The place wasn't big, tables were limited.  The crews were all very politely which was a pleasant surprise to me.
  Normally neighbourhood eatery crews, they want serve fast and will scream from one end to the other, slammed dishes onto tables etc... But nothing like such happened here.  Service at One Dim Sum was fast with nice "gentle" crews.

Pork + Preserved Veg Porridge 菜干咸骨粥 HKD19.00
Home cooked taste of smooth savoury porridge which I could had easily finish the whole bowl by myself.

Corn Porridge 玉米粥 HKD16.00
My kids love this sweet corn porridge.  It's very comforting especially when the weather was cool.

Carrot Cake 萝卜糕 HKD15.00
Crunchy bit of chinese sausages inside was perfect with soft carrot cake.  Nice and with slight crisp on the outside, not oily.

Siew Mai 烧卖 HKD25.00
They were fresh and juicy, some how different from what we have in Singapore which were very enjoyable....

Curry Cuttlefish 咖喱鱿鱼 HKD22.00
The only right curry we had in Hong Kong, correct texture, mid spicy level, yummy fat cuttlefish and I am making myself drool here....

Har Kaow 虾饺 HKD26.00
Can you see the fat prawns beneath the translucent thin skin? Heeheehee.... :P~~

Char Siew Buns 叉烧包 HKD14.00
Fluffy soft buns, char siew on the sweet side with lots of sauce.

Mango Custard Rolls 香芒奶皇卷 HKD26.00
This was a dessert, chewy like mochi.

Fried Eggs with Honey 古法炸蛋散 HKD18.00
Ordered this cos the name of the dish caught my attention.  It became too sweet and too jelat for the 4 of us to finish.

Worth a visit for the cheap and nice dim sum with friendly service.  If you are interested to visit, here's the address:
One Dim Sum 一点心
Prince Edward, Playing Field Rd, 15號號 號 地舖 1-2 號 Kenwood Mansion

After brunch we walked to Moko Shopping Mall, cos it looked near enough from the map.  I think we were on the wrong route, when we finally reached, I nearly die of leg pain.

We actually bought StarWars movie tickets, S$100 for the 4 of us and I swear I will never do it again.  HUNDRED DOLLARS le!!!  But it did save my leg a little.

Before the movies I crippled my way around their supermarket and foodcourt.

Nothing much in the mall so we didn't stay after the movie ended.  We took train from MongKok Station (旺角东) to Yau Ma Tei (油麻地).

We spotted 2 competitors selling Claypot Rice.  We decided to follow the crowd.... We gotten a table without queuing, leaving the snake queue to form behind us the moment we went in, phew.....

Duck egg oyster omelette.
Couldn't remember the price but I was sure it's not expensive and worth it!

It's a crispy cake of duck egg omelette packed with lots of little oysters.  Must eat while it's hot else it became soggy when it's cold.

Chicken with chinese sausage.

Pork Ribs.
We couldn't find any dark sauce to go with so we had the claypots rice plain and pale.  While the chicken and pork ribs were very tender, the pots were bland enough for the sick.  So my experience was very different from the other bloggers who raved until wave high..... haiz.....

After dinner we roamed around aimlessly at Temple street.

Found another outlet of Yee Shun Milk Company.

We sat in.

Chocolate Milk Pudding (cold) HKD33.00
Looking ugly here, but was delicious.

Original Milk Pudding HKD33.00
Was as yummy as the one we had in Macao.

Went back to the apartment to meet up with our AirBnb host to pick up our luggage.  We were thankful that he helped us to keep our luggage after check out till the time we were ready to leave for the airport.

We went to Hong Kong Airport by cab.

Had this Snowman Mocha HKD26.00 at Mcdonald's .

Not too good Pan Fried Dumplings at HKD34 from Ajisen Ramen.

I snoozed my way on the night flight so no pics of the airplane food.  My boys ate but didn't bother to take pics either.

I ended our Hong Kong trip in great pain.  It was so bad that I got better only recently.  I limped for a couple of months visiting X2 family doc and X2 chinese physician.

Now that all pains are over, I had arranged a get fat short trip to Malacca in June, heehee.....